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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Choices to make - paths to take!

As I promised in my post yesterday, I'm back to my smiling self.
But it wasn't easy.
Yesterday was an extremely tiring day, physically as well as emotionally.
When I came home from Evry after delivering a training in effective communication I slept until my alarm went of this morning.
That hasn't happen for 2 weeks now - a good night sleep!

I managed to get back to my smiling self with help of great people that I care about - and they care about me!
I also decided to take the advise of a very wise friend - Nat King Cole - And just smile :)

with the support of my friends and family, it's now time for me to take a decision.
I need to take life in my own hands and decide not to be sad anymore, not to feel used anymore and not to be in a situation that makes me wanna scream.

Another smart friend of mine wrote on his blog something that I am relating to in this time of my life. - we only have one go at life. We only realize that we have made the wrong choice in life after we have made the choice.
But I do feel that even though we realize after the choice has been made the effect of it's choosing - that we can still make another choice to try to minimize the effect it will have in our lives or even chance the path completely.
Life is full of choices and we have no way knowing which choice will lead us to where we want to be - but we have to try anyway to get there. Or at least I will try!

Now, life is throwing at me some choices and I do have to make a decision. I will only find out after if it was indeed the right one for me to make!
But I'm willing to take that risk and go on with my life :)
-with love-

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