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Monday, March 9, 2009

Looking for good things in life!

I was listening to this song the other day and there was a sentence that really stood out and I started to think if this is actually true or not.
The song is It's not over with Chris Daughtry.
" I tried to see the good in life but good things in life is hard to find"

I actually do not agree.
I know that sometimes it's hard to look at life with positive attitude, specially when you have had a bad day/week/month.
I have had bad times but there are always things that make me smile - the good things in life pop up when I'm having a hard time.

- Looking at the stars makes me smile. it makes me realize that even though I'm far away from loved ones they are still there, hopefully looking at the same stars and thinking of me.
- Getting random messages from friends and family on facebook, skype or cellphone always makes me smile.
- sunny mornings remind me of how lucky I am of not being in snow and bad weather. that's good.
- the guy who creates the wooden covers for the lights makes me smile and appreciate my walk home in the evening when he lights up his creations!
- Good cup of coffee is a good thing in life
- drinking tea and reading a good book is a pleasure I treasure

So I do not agree with the song. I wanted to make sure that I appreciate the small things in my life and make sure that it's not to hard for me to find them.
That it's not to hard to smile and enjoy my life even though some days are harder then others.
But at least I'm doing amazing stuff and family and friends are never far away anyway.
so today I will smile as I drink my coffee and listen to good music.
that's life for me today!
- with love -

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