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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Finding your love - do's and donts?

It's very strange to see how different the genders are in behavior and thoughts when it comes to the matters of love and relationships.
I personally have always struggled with this area over the passed years since I never understand guys and I guess they dont understand me either.

I went to the movies the other day to see a movie called "he's just not that into you" and it was very interesting and self reflecting to see this movie.
Why I say it was self reflecting time for me is very simple.
The way some girls act, think and behave was in a way scary and I started thinking back on if I actually behave this crazy when I like someone. I personally believe I have never been so crazy as in the movie ;)

It's very interesting to see women on the screen behaving like you have thought of behaving, feeling like you have felt and being as insecure as you have been. All just because of a guy that was just not that into you to begin with.
Women love signs and we over interpret things that the guy we like actually does or says. We hope for the best, the reality we want to have and wish that he feels the same way as you do about him.
Most of the time the signs are overrated, he's actions were not so deeply thought through as women attend to think.

My friend says "keep it cool, dont loose it when you interact with the one you like"
Most of the time i think it's true.
But then, one scene in the movie, this girl says something like this:
"I might behave stupid or be embarrassed some of the time, but at least I'm putting myself out there. I'm sure I'm closer to finding someone then you are"
The person she is saying this to is this cool dude who thinks he has everything figured out when it comes to women.
He's keeping his coolness - and where does it leave him?

This keeps me up at night and disturbs me from work ;)
How are you supposed to behave when it comes to the other sex?

I wrote some time ago about the rules in dating.. I guess these behavioral things fall under those rules.
And I dont like rules!
I find it so hard, these dating rules and the fact that I can not just tell a guy I like him. no.. they get scared.
Who decided the relationships between the genders have to be so complicated?
I mean, How am I supposed to find the right one, if I'm never supposed to show any signs I like this dude, he plays it cool and I can not just be straight with him?

How do people end up finding love?
What are they doing that others are doing wrong?
Did they follow the rules of dating?

Man, my head is spinning like crazy trying to think of all these questions I have in my head when it comes to this topic.
And people are all giving me different answers based on their different experiences.
But it's a topic I like to think about, as I'm a big believer of love and hope.

So I guess I will just keep on asking my questions, play it cool but still put myself out there and never give up hope. :)
- with love -


Gunnsy said...

Rules are meant to be bent ;) Lang best held ég að fylgja engum reglum en að styðjast við þær. Gera það sem þig langar að gera og segja það sem þig langar að segja. Bara innan hæfilegra marka. Ekki missa þig í að gera of mikið. Slaka á, halda coolinu en samt gefa undir fótinn ;)

You go girl!!!

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