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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The practice of AWEing people :)

I have always been very fascinated with people who are well spoken, have great vocabulary and are good writers as well.
I wonder..
How do they manage to be so articulate?
How do they practice?
Why are some better then others? ;)

People tell me "oh you speak so good English, your vocabulary is rich and bla bla"
But I tend to disagree with those people.
I mean, I do have a good level of English but I could have so deeper level of speaking and communicating to others.
It's a motivation for me to strive to be better in this language, when I listen to people give speeches, when I hear my friends being all smart and well spoken and when I read challenging books where the words are new to me.

English is becoming my first language, as I speak, read and write in everyday.
And therefore I want to excel in using it.
I want to AWE people when I speak as some people AWE me when they speak :)

I continue to read and write, speak and listen as I go about my days.
My motivation doesn't stop, it never shall stop :)

-with love -

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Gorjan said...

Oh, you have a blog as well? Cool! I suppose you're getting your results from your TOEFL test soon - I'm sure you'll pass! Let me know how it goes and about your Cph-plans! Hugs! :)