Life is full of questions - I dare to ask them and hope for answers.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Brightness in the darkest hour!

No matter how dark life seems at times,
no matter how low I get.
No matter how alone I feel
or how frustrated about my situation/surroundings I get

there is always something that makes me smile, makes time fly, makes me feel alive

These 'somethings' are my friends :)

Having friends over for Easter here in Paris made me forget that I'm counting the days until I get back home to Iceland.
I laughed
I smiled
I enjoyed Paris
I had fun with my friends

The past six days gave me the energy to go on, to finish as well as I can and also gave me good memories I will treasure.
I visited so many places I hadn't been before in Paris.
I had pick nicks in church gardens
I experiences culture first hand by visiting Andy Warhol exhibition, Chinese museum, seeing Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo.
I went to the top of Paris at Sacré Caeur, Eiffel tower and breathed French air as we walked through the amazing parks in Paris with sun shining down on my face.
I even managed to get tanned ;)

My friends experienced my life, where I work and how I live. Where I shop, how I eat, where I spend my time off and they understood why I am often feeling the way I do!
Having my friends experiencing and understanding means a lot!

Paris has a new meaning for me, it gave me different memories and I'm extremely happy with that.
I look forward meeting my friends back home in Iceland for our next adventure!

-with love-


Anonymous said...

hehehe thú er Jónikka ;)

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