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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Belonging to the place

I'm seeing it more and more how proud I am for being Icelandic.

Yesterday evening I went to the movies again, this time to see an Icelandic movie with French subtitles.
It was so cool to what the movie, understanding the words, knowing the sceenary, and seeing all those people attending an ICELANDIC movie.
I enjoyed it very much.

I have already seen Mýrin before ( Jar City in english ) and I like it very much.

Paris is growing on me.. I like the environment and the attitude of people. Everyone reads a lot, everyone dresses nicely and people try to support you as much as they can.
Yesterday after my movie, I took the metro home, listening to music and just watching the people.
I felt like a Parisian. I felt like I belonged there.
That is so cool experience.

So I hope this feeling of belonging will not disapear, fly away and leave me.
Because I like it here.
-with love-

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