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Monday, September 29, 2008

Valuable experiences

Antoher week has started here in Paris. Another week ful of adventures and joy, hard work and challenges.

I'm experiences more, I'm enjoying being in Paris and I love to be a turist in a city I'm living in, to explore and embrace the culture, the arcitechture, the passion of the people.
since last week I tried to become "French".
I decided, since I'm only here for limited amount of time, lets make the most out of it.
So I had my hair cut, I bought new shoes and I'm feeling more me! Free and happy, smiling more and being happy.

The weekend was packed with agenda...
Friday evening the girls in the MC and I were planning to go to this goodbye party of some Intern here in Paris.
So we got all dressed up and left. Unfortunatly no one showed up so we started our own little party.
The music did not encourage my dancing mood so I left a little earlier then the girls.

Saturday was a good day, I read my book and then I decided to go to Versailles to see the Palace where history was made in France.
The Palace is HUGE, and so amazingly beautiful.
I saw rooms where Louis XIII and XIV lived, where Queens had their babies in public so people could be sure that the baby was truely royalty.
One thing that was also very interesting in the Palace was a sculpture show that artist called Jeff Kunzt was displaying in all the most important rooms.
They were creative but in complete abstract to the environment they were in.
It was cool to see that people are willing to live a humourus lives.

After the Palace sightseeing It was the plan to go to another Party. So we dressed up again and went out, this time to actually find the people.
It was very nice, met old friends and gained new friends.

Sunday was a peaceful day.
I woke up ( sore in the feet after walking so much ) and I slowly got into the action of the day.
Cleaned the kitchen and cleaned my place where I sleep was satisfing and needed.
Then I went to a place in Paris called Basilique du Sacré-Cœur, "Basilica of the Sacred Heart" where I sat down in the church stairs and read my book, listened to live music and enjoyed the great weather that Paris had that day.
I fell in love with this place, it's peaceful yet so crowed.
So I am very happy today, after experiencing things in Paris that I enjoyed so much.

- with love -

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