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Monday, September 15, 2008

Riding boats all the time :P

My stay at the paradise island went by way to fast.
Day one:
- I took a boat ride at 10 in the morning to their BLUE LAGOON. I had to go and see if it was nicer then one in Iceland or not hehe. The boat ride was like an hour and half in this amazing weather.
When we got to the blue lagoon people had the chance to snorkle and look at the fish life and enjoy the cold water.
It was my first time snorkling and I enjoyed it so much, so cool to be swimming with the fishes ( not in a Mafia kind a way ) and just enjoying the great weather and the people.

After the snorkling in blue lagoon we took the boat to this beautiful beach where we stayed sunbathing for 50 min ( the time schedule was very strickt ;) )
The next stop was another beach where you could by food for a lot of money. Shit... I decided not to eat. Looking at the prices, all of a sudden I wasn't hungry anymore ;)

So then the boat ride was over, I came back to the "capital" of the Island, took a shower and got ready to leave for a barbeque in the hostel I was originally supposed to stay at.
After this amazing day I found out that I got sunburnt on my back and it hurt like HELL.
So that night I couldn't sleep well. :s

Day two:
- was not so sunny day so I stayed in the hostel to begin with and did some work, my back was also still hurting so it was good to take some time of from the sun. :S
After my work I went for a walk and saw a little more of that beautiful island.
The day was very nice, I did a lot of reading and just relaxing.

Day three:
- I took another boat ride ( you have to travel by boat to get to other places of the island ) to Lopes Mendes. Its a beach where no one lives. and it's so beautiful.
I stayed there for 5 hours and only slept, read and went swimming in the sea.
On my way back to the harbor I heard Icelandic language being spoken but I didn't want to bother the people. It was just very cool.
When I got back to the hostel it was already getting a little dark, so what I did was to arrange my luggage because I was leaving the next morning.
Then I went for a night walk and saw young kids playing Brazilian marshall arts, it was SO cute.
Then I got back and had an early night.

so this was my stay in Ilha Grande :)
more to come soon.

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