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Friday, September 12, 2008

Difficult journey

So day four was a travelling day.
My day started with me going to the beach and enjoy my final moments on Cobacabana beach. I love that place.

After lunch I took a taxi to the Rio bus station. My plan was to take a 2 hour ride to Angra De Rais, a small harbor town between Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo. From there I took a ferry, a very interesting old boat, to a small island called Ilha Grande. Its the paradise Island that took 2 hours to get to by the ferry.
I arrived there at 9 PM, tired, hungry and needed to pee. Not so good situation.

So I take my HUGE luggage to go to the Hostel I was supposed to stay at. It was so hard since the Island doesnt have roads, no cars ( exept for police, firetruck and ambulance ), and only way to get to the hostel was to walk over the beach. SHIT.. I had to drag my luggage for 20 min. and it was SO difficult.

So when I got to the hostel, the lady told me there was no free space. I'm like WHAT!!
I had a reservation, I had already paid part of the amount and I had dragged the suitcase all this way!!
So the lady found me another place to stay at, she asked her son ( or some young dude ) to take my luggage to the new hostel and I got refunded the money had already paid.
I was so ANGRY.

So I came to this other hostel, got my room and then went to eat. Had to get my mind of this frustration.
Then I turned back to the hostel to sleep.
So nice.
-with love-

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