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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 2 in Rio :)

ok. Day 2 in Rio was like this ;)

I woke up to get great coffee and bread. Then I went to the beach to enjoy some sun since the day was much better then before.

I spent good time there sunbathing, then I went for lunch and had a very expensive sandwitch.

After lunch me and Tomas went to a Favella tour under the name "be a local". I had to ride a motorcycle up to the place because that is faster.
So what is a Favella?
Its a neigbourhood of poor people where they have made their homes in order to have a place to stay. Favellas are supposed to be dangerous place to live, under gang laws and people dont have honest jobs.
OK... most of this above is not true. Favella is a place for people to live that can not afford to live in the cities. And it can be dangerous but only if you do not follow the "laws".
people do have honest jobs, mostly in Rio. And they are trying hard to provide for their babies.
In Favellas, girls as young as 12 years old are starting to have their own families. Thats why the favellas are growing in a fast paste in Brazil.
Favella tour was very interesting for me to see that peoples lifes are not the same even though the live in the same city. People really do have to struggle.

The tour took around 3 hours and when we got back to the hostel we sat down to watch some TV with other hostel guests.

In the evening there were more AIESECers in the hostel from AIESEC Colombia.
They were really cool so I spent the evening playing UNO with them in spanish ( note to you - I dont speak spanish )
That was a very interesting experience hehe.

But I did go early to sleep because I had booked another tour in the morning and I wanted to be Fresh for that one.
COOL ah?
-with love-

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