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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Seven hours in a tour :)

So it's been a while since I posted something here but it's been for good reasons. But here is further info on my holidays in Brazil.

Day 3 in Rio was very good.
I started the day with taking a 5 hour tour around the most important things in Rio. I went to Pedra Bonita, that has great view over Rio and it's coast lines.
Then the we went to a national park of Tijuca just to see the nature and how beautiful it is.
Next step in the tour was to go to see the Christ statue - or the "Big Dude" as it was called in the tour guide ;)
Oh man, seeing that statue was AMAZING. It's so HUGE, so elegant and so powerful. I spent an hour there and I only looked at the statue and then the stunning view over Rio De Janeiro that the statue has every day and enjoyied the lovely weather that we had that day.

I actually found out something very interesting at the Christ statue. It as a small chapel inside where people are invited to pray and/or even get married there. ( that would be very expensive but possible )
I went in there, sat for a while and just embraced the peace and power that I felt from that statue.
I highly recommend to everyone that are on their way to Brazil - GO TO RIO :)

Last step in the tour was to visit this neighbourhood in Rio called Santa Tereza. It is supposed to be very old, nice town. So we sat down there and had lunch.
I got Black beans, rice and pork ( typical Brazilian dish ) and I have to admit it was better then it looked like ;)
When I finally got back to the hostel it was already 17:00, so it ment I spent 7 hours on a tour... not so shabby :P

In the evening I went for dinner, read a book and prepared some work I had to do. YEAH..
Then I went early to sleep because I had to wake up early the next morning.
So that's day 3 in Rio... I loved it!!

- with love -


JuanR Cuchhi said...


one kiss

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Aine said...

woooooooooooooooooot!!! I didn't know you had a new blog!!! I'd been missing you!! yaaay!!

btw how long will you be in Paris?

Aine said...

it needs to be reeeeallly soon! I leave on Oct 2!! :P