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Sunday, September 21, 2008

open eyes - hard task

So it's sunday and I'm trying to hold on to the last energy drop that I have.
I'm still at the MC office in AIESEC France... this weekend has been hard work and challenging me in all the ways possible, so I'm sitting at my desk and think things through.

This weekend I have been, and still am, the chair of the LCP meeting of AIESEC France. It's so much fun, it's an new experience and I have been challenged in ways that I wasn't aware of and tackled it very well in my opinion.

I will share more about this amazing experience later. Just wanted to share that I'm doing good, I'm enjoying my stay here in Paris and I still miss people and places in Iceland, so I'm planning to go there during christmas :)

Au revoir
with love

1 comment:

Auður said...

oh, hlakka til að sjá þig um jólin ;)
en reikna nú með að ég fái að sjá þig í næsta mánuði! hlakka ekkert smá til...