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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Paris, Pope and movies

this will be the last part of the Brazil story because now I'm in Paris and my life here is something to share with you all.

My travel to the airport took 60 min boat ride with a speed boat, 4 hours waiting at the bus station in Angra des Rais, 7 hours bus ride ( along with car sicknes ) from Angra to Sao Paulo and then 14 hours waiting at the airport in Sao Paulo. I just didn't want to miss my flight out of the country.
Not that I didnt like Brazil - I was just ready to get back.

My travels were very interesting, police man going through my stuff, arriving late in Portugal and running to the next gate, not having my luggage in London and waiting for 4 hours on Heathrow, my trainticket to paris was not bought so I needed to buy one and therefore loosing the train I wanted to take.

So I arrived in Paris last Wednesday and so far I like it a lot.

- The weather has been good
- the MC team is super nice
- I finally got my jetlag out
- I went to listen to the POPE
- I walked all over Paris
- I've been to the movies
and many more :)

I'm trying to practice my french as well, it's going ok. I'm remembering many things so far so that's good for me :)

Tonight I'm going to the movies again - I wanted to see Jar City ( Mýrin ) with French subtitles - and it's also just 3,5 EUR :)

-with love-

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Freyja said...

Þú verður orðin massagóð í frönsku eftir árið :)