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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Carnival la France!

Today is a carnival day here in Paris, meaning that people gather around at a place here in Paris, shake their asses with drumbeat and walk a parade to another place in Paris.
I decided to check this out.

So I got dressed, took my camera and went to Place de Gambetta, where everything started.
There were so many people, children all over the place in costumes, musicians and other random strikers like myself.
I tried to find my place to see as much as I could, but since I didn't understand what was said in the speakersystem I kind a just followed the crowed.
So I found a nice place.
And then things started.

Seriously, The French could for sure learn something from Icelandic parade organizational skills. we waited and waited, the workers seemed very stressed and people didn't know where the parade would start from.
But I just smiled and enjoyed the atmosphere.
Somehow this all just reminded me about the Icelandic GayPride.
After standing still for almost 90 min I was getting way to cold. But I still didnt want to go home.
So I came back to the office.
I'm here way to often :o)

- with love -

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