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Thursday, February 12, 2009

random day at the office

It looks like I have many things to share these days since I'm posing blogs everyday almost.
But to be honest, February is looking great as a personal month.
On professional side, it sucks so far!!

today has been very emotional.
I found two letters that I wrote, one 2 years ago and one this last july.
I had tears in my eyes, sad feeling of loss but in my heart I'm thankful to had known those people ( one is still alive but far far away from me ).

it's also been emotional in a stressful way.
I am so hard focusing on my next steps. I found a way that I really really want.
But so far no answers are given, it's still a little unclear what I need to do but I so want it.
So when I finally managed to get a little response today. My heart went crazy.. :)

this month is my month.
I'm deciding on my future, I'm connecting with people I care about, I'm supporting friends.

Last night when I walked home from the office after a very interesting night of decision making, I had a big smile on.
I smiled the whole way home.
It's strange because people look at you. But I dont care. I smile and I smile.
There's this little place on my way home from work and before I head to the metro, just next to the canal, where this guy is carving out wooden things to put over a light bulb.
and when it's all dark outside, walking pass these lovely creations of him makes me feel good, it makes me smile even more.

So there are things in my life that are good, that I treasure.
So far, they outweighs the frustrations from the working side.
Let's hope it will continue like that.

- with love-

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