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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

one smile at a day :)

It's my lunch break and I have been thinking about something that was mentioned to me few days ago and also in Denmark when I was there.

I was asked, in the closing plenary of the conference in DK, to be so emotional that the delegates would cry and leave the conference with this feeling they dont want to go and they cry.
Then a friend of mine asked if I managed to get people to cry in the closing plenary.

My answer was NO!

I do believe in the fact to be emotional and share my experience and make them realize how this experience has changed them in one way or another,
but I dont like to see people crying. Not even if the "reason" behind it is good and makes sense.
I dont know.
For me, I dont think the impact is as great if people leave with the mindset " buhu I dont want to leave" rather then " Oh man, this conference was so cool, I can not wait to get back" and do things with a smile on their faces :)
That's my approach to things.

I hope I managed to leave people with smiles and great feeling of realization of own capacity.

These thoughts just came in my mind since I'm sitting in the office and I realize that this morning I have been smiling more then usual.
And I feel so great!
So I started to think about if we smile more, do we then become more effective in our roles?
I do think so,
Since if you dont like your role, you dont smile.
You dont smile and you dont want to get to work in the morning.
Then you dont act as effective as you could because in a way you dont care.
So smile!!

I want to dedicate this post to Ali, a dear friend of mine that is just one big smile and I love it!
Keep smiling:)

- with love -

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