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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy St. Valentines Day

it's saint valentines and people all over the world are spending their time with their loved ones or hoping to fall in love with the right one or just spending their day as it's a normal saturday.
Mine is mix between all those three options :)

I had a bad Friday 13th so it's nice to have a day of luck and love just right after this bad day.
yesterday made me so frustrated that I went home earlier and just took my mind of work.
it felt nice.

Then my room mates suggested we would go out for a beer, so we search for a cool place to sit down in the neighborhood of my apartment and we found this cozy little place.
And boy oh boy did I have fun.
There were loads of handsome french men there.
I had a hard time keeping a conversation going because I was looking at the view ( yak, I sound like a guy when I write this but it's true ;) )

after one cocktail, drinking game and interesting conversation it was time to head home.

then came St. Valentines hehe.
the day started out so brightly with sun shining and people looking happier then yesterday.
I had time to call my family and friends, and that really great.

So for me, so far, the St. Valentines is not about being IN love with someone. But celebrating the love around you.
And I have a lot of love around me.
Even though at the moment it's in different countries far away. But with one phone call I can tap into that love and share my love of my family and friends.
So happy Saint Valentines everyone!!

- with love -

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