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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Perfume full of dreams!

Yesterday I stayed home for the whole day, lying in bed and making sure I didnt get cold to start feeling better. I have the flue on the worst time.
English test this week and traveling to a place where I rather want to be then here in Paris.

So yesterday went all in taking care of myself, resting and eating icelandic chocolate.
Now I'm back to the office although I shouldn't have if I want to make sure I'm ready for friday!

It's crazy what goes around in your head when you have nothing better to do than thinking and resting.
And when you are a daydreamer as I am thinks really start to fly ;)

When I was getting ready to sleep last night I looked on the shelf next to me and to my perfume.
My perfume is "dreaming" from Tommy Hilfigger.
That was very interesting from my side.
I'm a dreamer and I carry the smell of dreams on me as well.
So next it's just to make at least one of those dreams comes true.
Then I will be a smiling dreamer.

Now, I better get back to work.
- with love -

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