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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Growing up and growing appart?

As I sit here at the office, it's passed 11 pm and I should be long gone home, I feel a little excited yet strange.
I feel excited for my friends. Their AIESEC careers might be changing quite dramatically and it's what they are hoping for. They applied for the top leadership body and are so close to be chosen. So close they can smell it.
I'm so proud of them and I wish them all the best!

But still there is a strange feeling lurking around in this crazy head of mine.
It's strange to feel how disconnected I'm getting from this organization and how fast that disconnection is actually happening.
I count almost minutes until I go back home, just because it will be so much better. And that means only 30 more days in the role I'm in.

But there are other things that keep me excited these days as well.
My future steps and where they will take me.
I feel more and more excited about my Alumni role in AIESEC and my plans for the "real world".
there are only 4 months until this hits me hard.

but then again, since there has to balance in life, of course there are other things that make me feel strange.
Like the fact that I dont know always how my friends are, if they are actually doing as good as they say they are.
The fact that I'm SO far away from my family makes me feel strange and sad. But it makes me also realize how important they are to me.

But there is also one thing about me that makes me feel strange.
I have the tendencies to over think things. I get so excited about potentials that I think and I can not stop thinking about what could be.
But when it doesn't go my way, I get sad and I dont understand why it's not like how I pictured it.
It doesn't happen often,but it does happen.
So I need to work on that. minimize the feeling of loss or emptiness that follows this over analyzing process of mine.

Well, these are my thoughts on this lovely saturday night while waiting for the Directors announcements for AI 09/10.
- with love-

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