Life is full of questions - I dare to ask them and hope for answers.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wishing to be somewhere else?

It's intense how your mental state can affect your physical state.
Last night, on my way home, I started to feel sick. But there was nothing wrong with me.
I have just been stressed, nervous and excited these passed few days and it's manifested itself in sickness.

Life could be better, I know that.
I am counting days until I can leave to do something else, be with someone else and do something else.
It's hard when you are thinking like this, wanting to drop everything and leave.
But that's how I feel.

So now I keep thinking - 10 days for the exam. 11 days until I go somewhere else.
only 11 days.
That's not so bad.
And there is only short time left - less then 4 months and I'm back in iceland. 4 months will fly by faster then I can hope for - I hope.

So now is time to think ahead, smile and try to make time fly.
- with love -